To add align images and lay pages out correctly, there are a number of dummy layout pages.  There are two ways to use layout pages:

  1. To create a new page, visit Dashboard - Pages look down the list for the layout you wish to copy.  After mousing over a title (such as "Layout 250 - 450"), click the line: duplicate.  You will be editing a new page which is pre-filled in with the page layout you requested. Simply replace the dummy text with your own.
  2. To edit an existing page, begin by editing an appropriate layout page.  Copy the body of the layout to the clipboard by selecting it and pressing Ctrl-C.  Then edit the actual page and paste the contents of the clipboard into the body.

Layout pages:

Layout 150 - 550cd: table with 3 rows and2 columns

Layout 200 - 500cd: table with 3 row and2 columns

Layout 200 - 500: table with 1 row and2 columns

Layout 250 - 450: table with 1 row and2 columns

Layout 300 - 400: table with 1 row and2 columns