Beautiful Dreamers

“Helping Foster sound so much better than many of today's musical-theater composers are music director Douglas Levine's arrangements.”
–Pittsburgh City Paper

Beautiful Dreamers

“All benefit from feeling arrangements by music director Douglas Levine and skilled period-sounding accompaniment by a combo of four.”
–Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Beautiful Dreamers

Sample Selections:

  1. Oh! Susannah (Krell/Moody) 
  2. Nelly was a Lady (Brown) 
  3. Camptown Races (Company) 
  4. I Dream of Jeannie (Ripka) 
  5. Hard Times, Come Again No More (Griffith/Krell/Company) 
  6. Don't Bet Your Money On De Shanghai (Griffith/Fuller)
  7. Comrades, Fill No Glass For Me (Ripka) 
  8. Ah! May the Red Rose Live Always!--Reprise (Riso/Brown) 

Written by Martin Giles

Featuring the songs of Stephen Foster
Instrumental and Vocal Arrangements by Douglas Levine

Presented by Pittsburgh Irish and Classical Theatre and Opera Theatre of Pittsburgh

Charity Randall Theatre,
April 15 - May 10, 2010.

Directed by Martin Giles
Musical Direction by Douglas Levine

Cast: Joel Ripka, Stephanie Riso, Kevin Brown, Michael Fuller, Daniel Krell, Daina Michelle Griffith and Allison Moody

Orchestra: Douglas Levine (Keyboard and Conductor), Jonathan Moser (Violin), John Marcinizyn (Guitar and Banjo), Paul Thompson (Double Bass)

Design Team: Tony Ferrieri (Scenic Design), Cindy Limauro (Lighting Design), Kelly LeVine (Costume Design), Dave Bjornson (Sound Design), Cory F. Goddard (Properties)

Show Description:

Moses Walker, his heart broken by a love betrayed, sets off on a journey to the West from New York in search of Love, self, freedom and home. He finds companions along the way--a Virginia widow and a runaway slave--and together they cross mighty rivers, the Great Plains, the Rockies and Sierras, and come to the shining Pacific. They meet Walt Whitman, Emily Dickinson and Sam Clemens, soldiers and Indians, stolid homesteaders, bitter 49ers and burlesque acts. They experience love and loss, hilarity, passion, and death--the making of a Nation in a landscape of dreams.

Original Cast Recording released: 2010

Recorded live, April 30 and May 1, 2010.
Recording Engineer, Dave Bjornson

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