“Levine keeps energy high with his score of bright and peppy songs, and Van Aken contributes some amusing and child-sympathetic lyrics...the show gets high marks with kids for some sure-fire giggle inducers that include the Bleach Bottle, the singing pink boxers and that imposing trio of Laundry Genies.”
–Pittsburgh Tribune Review


Sample Selections:

  1. The Alien Song (Payer/Cuenca) 
  2. Other Peoples Parents (Erika Cuenca) 
  3. The Land of Lintville (Gwyneth Welling) 
  4. The Sorting Song (Gwyneth Welling, Joshua Futrell, Hollis Rabin and Erika Cuenca) 
  5. Song of the Bleach (Joshua Futrell, Hollis Rabin and Gwyneth Welling) 
  6. Song of the Stain Remover (Allyson Payer, Hollis Rabin and Erika Cuenca) 
  7. Genies of the Trap (Gwyneth Welling, Allyson Payer, Hollis Rabin and Erika Cuenca) 
  8. Finale--Sorting Song Reprise (Company) 

Book and Lyrics by Kellee Van Aken
Music by Douglas Levine
Puppets by Cheryl Capezzuti

Presented by the Pittsburgh International Childrens Theater Festival

Byham Theater and various public venues,
October 17 - 25, 2004.

Directed by Kellee Van Aken
Musical Direction by Douglas Levine

Cast: Erika Cuenca, Gwyneth Welling, T.C. Brown, Allyson Payer, Joshua Futrell and Hollis Rabin

Orchestra: Douglas Levine (Keyboard and Conductor), Paul Thompson (Bass), Thomas Wendt (Percussion)

Design Team: Brian Jones and Cheryl Capezzuti (Scenic Design), Scott Nelson (Lighting Design), Cheryl Capezzuti (Costume Design), Harold Walls (Sound Design)

Show Description:

Twelve-year-old Abby is having problems. Her room is messy, her parents are grumpy, she gets a bad grade, fights with her best friend, and to top it all off, her Mom wants her to do the laundry! When Dina Clean--a Genie of the Laundry--arrives with helpful advice,
Abby decides not to listen and makes an even bigger mess. Abby travels to Lintville where the hilarious inhabitants help her to sort out her problems. With its jazz and funk based score, witty lyrics, zany story line and 9-foot-tall lint puppets, Colorfast was a hit at the 2004 Pittsburgh International Children's Theater Festival.

Original Cast Recording released: 2004

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Kevin Kornicki, Pittsburgh.

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