Dead End

“A strong musical score by Doug Levine added greatly to the spirit of "Dead End." His sophisticated stylistic mix was superbly performed by a trio led by Ben Opie, who played woodwinds including contrabass clarinet, and theremin, the electronic instrument invented for classical pieces but most widely known from horror film scores. Jeff Berman drove the beat on drums while bassist Paul Thompson produced a world of character with or without the bow.”
–Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Dead End

Sample Excerpts:

  1. Prelude, Fast and Urgent 
  2. Adagio 
  3. Rubato, Sleazy 
  4. Moderato 
  5. Brisk Cirque do Klez 
  6. Funk Rock 4 
  7. Disco Ridiculoso 
  8. Finale 

Choreography by Attack Theatre
Music by Douglas Levine

Presented by Attack Theatre

New Hazlett Theatre, Pittsburgh,
October 31 - November 3, 2008.

Dancers: Liz Chang, Jeff Davis, Michele de la Reza, Peter Kope, Stephanie Thiel, Dane Toney and Ashley Williams

Orchestra: Ben Opie (Bb and Contrabass Clarinet, Alto and Soprano Sax, Theremin), Paul Thompson (Double and Electric Bass, Keyboard), Jeff Berman (Percussion)

Design Team: Suz Pisano (Costume Design), Kevin Matz (Lighting Design), Jim Mueller (Video Design), Dave Bjornson (Sound Design)


Edward Gorey's "poisonous and poetic" alphabet book The Gashlycrumb Tinies led this piece down a macabre artistic pathway that seeks, from A to Z, to present humanity and humor in an off-beat telling of 26 demises.

Recorded live, October 31 and November 3, 2010.
Recording Engineer, Dave Bjornson.