“Stevens' lyrics and Levine's score--which ranges from klezmer to rhythm and blues to vaudeville--create eloquent emotional passages that are reminiscent of Stephen Sondheim's work, filled with equal parts cynicism, angst and emotional insight.”
–Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Eastburn Avenue

“This search for emotional truth is mirrored in Levine's similarly complex score...Chief praise goes to Stevens and Levine for a collaboration of great feeling and high aspiration.”
–Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Eastburn Avenue

Sample Demos:

  1. Not That Kind of Lawyer (Michael Rupert) 
  2. Let It Be Me (Lisa Ann Goldsmith) 
  3. Robin Went Running (Daina Michelle Griffith) 

Book and Lyrics by Marcus Stevens
Music by Douglas Levine

Presented by the Playhouse Repertory Company

Playhouse Studio Theater, Pittsburgh,
May 29 - June 15, 2008.

Directed by Scott Wise
Musical Direction by Douglas Levine

Cast: Allison Cahill, Bill Nabel, Amy Landis, Jeremy Czarniak, Lisa Ann Goldsmith, Daniel Krell, Marcus Stevens and Daina Michelle Griffith

Orchestra: Douglas Levine (Keyboard and Conductor), Roi Mezara (Clarinet), John Marcinizyn (Guitar), R. J. Heid (Percussion)

Design Team: Tony Ferrieri (Scenic Design), Andrew Ostrowski (Lighting Design), Joan Markert (Costume
Design), Elizabeth Atkinson (Sound Design)

Show Description:

When Rivka Brown presents her will at a family dinner, it sends 3 generations of her family into a tailspin. Long felt fears and misgivings boil to the surface. Years later, Mollie and Aaron, the youngest generation, are experiencing similar troubles. They sift through hazy recollections in order to understand who they were, who they are and what they've truly inherited.