Shakespeare Street

“Levine's score is rich, diverse and laden with melodies that catch the ear...”
–Pittsburgh Tribune Review

Shakespeare Street

Sample Selections:

  1. On Shakespeare Street (company) 
  2. Little Brothers Lament (Joshua Potter) 
  3. Nickelodeon (Dennis Hruska and Company) 
  4. Two Houses (Kristiann Menotiades) 
  5. Blow Away Blues (Robert Harris) 
  6. Finale (Company) 

Book and Lyrics by Lynne Conner
Music by Douglas Levine

Presented by the Playhouse Junior Company

Richard Rauh Theater, Pittsburgh,
November 17 - December 9, 2001.>

Directed by Scott Wise
Musical Direction by Douglas Levine

Cast: Ngozi Anyanwu, Jonathan Blandino, Robert Harris, Dennis Hruska, Shiho Jinno,
Rebecca Kaufman, Kristen Ledoux, Matt Lamb, Matthew Laughery, Andrea Louwerens,
Leyna McCarthy, Collin McNamee, Kristiann Menotiades, Joshua Potter, Erin Prokopchak,
Melissa Terell and Michelle Weissgerber

Orchestra: Douglas Levine (Keyboard and Conductor), Christopher Astorino (Bass), Kurt
McNaught (Percussion)

Show Description:

Shakespeare Street is an original musical for family and young audiences about two sets of
star-crossed lovers living on Shakespeare Street, a multi-ethnic inner-city block. Monty, a
white man, and Miss Cappy, an African-American woman, are fifty-something ex-hippies
who loved each other as teenagers but gave into family pressure and never married. Julie and
"R" are contemporary teenagers in love--one white and one black. By choosing to care for
each other, they help the older couple to find forgiveness and their neighborhood gang to
celebrate diversity while also accepting people on their own terms.

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