Sample Selections:

  1. Overture (Douglas Levine and R. J. Heid) 
  2. Mt. Aloha (Coll/Menotiades-Josephs 
  3. I Like to Make Things (Menotiades-Josephs) 
  4. Stuff (Hartung) 
  5. Space (Coll/Hartung) 
  6. Finale (Jason, Billy, Kristiann, Kellee and Doug) 

Book and Lyrics by Kellee Van Aken
Music by Douglas Levine
Puppets by Cheryl Capezzuti

Presented by Gateway to the Arts
and Fuzzy Boundaries Productions

School and public venues in Pittsburgh,
Spring and Fall, 2009.

Directed by Kellee Van Aken
Musical Direction by Douglas Levine

Cast: Kellee Van Aken and Cheryl Capezzuti (Puppeteers); Jason Coll, Kristiann Menotiades-Josephs, Billy Hartung, Kellee Van Aken and Douglas Levine (Pre-recorded vocals)

Musicians: Douglas Levine (Keyboard), R. J. Heid (Percussion)

Show Description:

Peachy and Lou are loving life on their beautiful island home of Mt. Aloha...that is, until their neighbor Flip--and his addiction to collecting useless stuff--gets completely out of control. This kid friendly, environmentally conscious puppet-show-musical combines themes of cooperation and recycling into a delightful 30 minutes.

Recorded at Sound Color Productions, Pittsburgh.
Recording Engineer, Jay Weaver